Case Study for the SRA: Layer42


Layer42 is a company that operates data centers in Silicon Valley. Air conditioning is critical to the operation of the data center. If the A/C fails, the computers in the data center may fail denying service to hundreds of thousands of users.

Layer42's Chillers

After a thorough review of the risks and benefits, Layer42 asked Power Knot to install with its Synthetic Refrigerant Additive in the three chillers made by Carrier at their facility in Santa Clara, California. The chillers provide cold water to the data center which is then used to cool the air. One consideration for Layer42 is that this cooling of the data center is not disrupted.

Power Knot treated all three systems and recorded an increase in efficiency of 15% after about four weeks.

This video is a testimonial from a customer who operates a data center. The customer experienced a savings of energy of much greater than 10% on the chillers that we treated.

We had hotter weather after the treatment.

We had hotter weather after the treatment than before we treated the systems.

As a result of the higher temperatures during use, the power usage increased.

And as a consequence, the power increased by 4.5%.

We had a net of 15% improved efficiency.

However, the chiller produced colder water showing a gain in efficiency of 19.1%.

We promise a 10% Efficiency gain.

The net effect is an improvement in efficiency of nearly 15% despite the warmer weather.