Case Study for the SRA: Airport Network Room

Photo of Airport from Above

The airport in San Jose is located in the capital of Silicon Valley and offers flights to locations throughout the USA as well as Mexico and Canada. It is a critical hub for American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, and serves a total over 9 million passengers per year.

The communications room serves as a critical element for the airport’s operations. Over the years, additional equipment has been added to this room to serve the increasing communications of the growing airport. However, there was not a corresponding increase in the cooling for the room. Management at San Jose Airport engaged Power Knot to treat the air conditioning system that serves this room. The goal was to make the room cooler with a quick payback to ensure the equipment in the room continued to operate reliably. In the near term, the airport will add more cooling capacity, but that takes time.

After evaluating the risks and benefits, the airport asked Power Knot to treat the system with its Synthetic Refrigerant Additive improve the efficiency of the system.

We measured an increase in enthalpy of 8.7%.

And at the same time, we measured a reduction in power consumption of 3.1%.

As promised, the net effect is an increase in efficiency of nearly 12% and an equipment room that now runs cooler.