February 20, 2011

Case Study for the SRA: Mechanical Service Co.

Air Systems, Inc. (ASI) is a leading mechancical service company in the San Francisco Bay Area. They provide installation, maintenance, and service of HVAC equipment. Visit Air Systems, Inc.

ASI is part of Emcor Group, Inc., a global leader in mechanical and electrical construction, energy infrastructure, and facilities services. Emcor is a Fortune 500 company. Visit Emcor Group, Inc.

With a view to offering the Sythetic Refrigerant Catalyst from Power Knot to its customers, ASI jointly conducted a proof of performance on an air conditioning unit at their headquarters in San Jose. Power Knot treated the system with its Synthetic Refrigerant Additive. We measured an increase in efficiency (and corresponding reduction in energy usage) of over 12%

This A/C system was made by Trane:

We promis a 10% efficiency gain for air conditioning and chiller systems.

During our evaluation, we experienced warmer weather after treatment than before treatment:

This warmer weather resulted in greater power being used:

7% increase in power during warm weather.

Our analysis showed that the warmer weather accounted for 2.8% of the increase in power, so the net increase in power was 4%:

Warmer weather accounted for 4% of the increased power usage.

The warmer weather increased the load in the room being cooled, so the a/c system had to do more work. After treatment, the a/c system performed better by 16.7% based on calculating the enthalpy:

Synthetic Refrigerant Additive increased the enthalpy by 16.7%.

The net effect is an increase in efficiency of over 12%.